5,300 Year Old Ice Man – Best Preserved Human Being Ever Found


In 1991, Helmut Simon and Erika Simon who are hikers found a body half-frozen in the Austro-Italian Alps. Seemingly well preserved hence they called the cops to identify the subject and then the carefully removed fossils were taken for examination.


From further analysis, they discovered that the frozen body fossils could date back to at least 4000 years back.

“Otzi the Iceman” was the nickname it got to go on to further examinations.

Later it was revealed that the iceman would have died sometimes around 3100BC which makes him roughly around 5,300 years old. This also means that this iceman is the oldest preserved homosapien to be ever discovered so far.

preserved human being

Even after 5,300 years of being dead, the body was well preserved under ice, that the researchers back in 1991 were able to conduct a modern autopsy on him.

At first autopsy, the scientists tested the pollen in the stomach to reveal that the body had died during spring or summer. Next, they found out that the body had at least 50 tattoos all over, which were made by tiny charcoal cuts.

old ice man

10 years later when the X-ray technology was invented, the researchers uncovered that the iceman was killed by an arrow that had hit the back of his left shoulder.

The man who discovered the body, Helmut Simon, later was discovered dead, under the ice and snow not far from the place where he made the discovery at first.


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