6 Foods You Should Avoid Cooking in an Instant Pot


Instant Pots gained popularity for their ability to expedite cooking and versatility. They can slow cook, roast, bake, steam, air fry, and dehydrate various ingredients. However, it’s crucial to note that not all foods are Instant Pot-friendly. In this article, we’ll explore foods you should avoid cooking in an Instant Pot to ensure your culinary creations turn out just right.

6 Foods You Should Avoid Cooking in an Instant Pot

Foods Unsuitable for Instant Pot Cooking


Adding dairy to an Instant Pot can lead to curdling, separation, or clumping due to high temperatures. Creamy dishes like vodka sauce or broccoli cheddar soup may sound tempting, but they’re better prepared using traditional methods. To avoid culinary mishaps, incorporate cheese into your dish after it’s finished cooking. By doing so, you’ll preserve the creamy goodness without any unwanted texture issues.

Fried Foods

Pressure cooking is known for locking in air and moisture, making it unsuitable for foods meant to be crispy. Delightful treats like fried chicken, potato skins, and onion rings are best left to the domain of the air fryer. Attempting to prepare these foods in an Instant Pot can result in disappointing outcomes, with a soggy, oily texture that doesn’t do justice to their deliciousness.


While it’s technically possible to make burgers in an Instant Pot, it’s not the best method. Achieving that smoky char and juicy perfection is better accomplished on a grill or in a trusty cast-iron pan. The Instant Pot steams burgers, which fails to produce the desired texture and flavor that comes from grilling or pan-searing.


Similar to burgers, steaks are deserving of a better cooking method than the Instant Pot. Grilling or using a cast-iron skillet ensures that mouthwatering smoky char and maximum juiciness. Attempting to cook steaks in an Instant Pot not only lacks that desired char but also takes longer, which can be quite frustrating for steak enthusiasts.


Baking cookies in an Instant Pot is a culinary experiment best avoided. The limited space and moisture trapped within the Instant Pot can cause cookies to spread out excessively, leading to disappointment. For the perfect cookie experience, stick to the trusty oven, where evenly heated conditions create soft centers and crisp edges that everyone loves.


Pies are a delightful dessert that requires the dry heat of an oven to achieve a firm and flaky crust. While Instant Pots can be employed to prepare pie fillings, baking the entire pie in an oven is a necessity for the best results. The oven provides the ideal conditions for a perfect pie experience, ensuring that the crust is as delectable as the filling.


While Instant Pots are incredible kitchen appliances, not all foods are suited for pressure cooking. Dairy, fried foods, burgers, steaks, cookies, and pies are better prepared using traditional methods and cooking appliances. By adhering to these guidelines and making informed choices about what to cook in your Instant Pot, you’ll ensure that your culinary creations are a resounding success, pleasing the palates of your family and guests alike.


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