F.R.I.E.N.D.S – gratitude


Friends are like waves of the ocean. They come and go. But mine is like the octopus. On the face!

Being someone who is closer to friends than family, iv always struggled trusting people. But I never struggled with making friends. I attract people very easily and anywhere anytime but throughout my 25 years of life iv been in enough situations to understand that everyone is not your friend. It shocked me at first but now just hanging and finally accepting the fact that “world really is a scary place huh” while sipping coffee and watching my cat chased after by a cockroach. she’s funny I know.

But life is as it is and as we know it, I was really blessed in this lifetime to have found these amazing nutcrackers to share my life journey on earth. I’m not even complaining but non of us saw this coming. None of us thought that we would be friends for this long and the years to come. But here we are, fighting against governments and sharing dirty memes while working on full-time jobs and the best things are we are in different countries now. we rarely see each other but any day anytime, if one of us needs the other, we will always be together.


Although my circle is really small, they have the biggest hearts and here is how I met them.

There is always that one person who forces themselves into your life and refuse to leave. The one that looks annoying and butts in on every move you make without even apologizing for the inconveniences caused because they don’t care anyway. At first, you don’t know what to do with them. You can’t chase them away or ignore them because you feel shocked to have an annoying little a$s following you around and commenting on all your Facebook posts like a maniac who has been watching you since your last birth but you only just met yesterday. One comment I’m single, the second comment I’m lesbian, the third comment I’m a lunatic and the fifth I’m a drug addict. 2 years later she still doesn’t wanna leave but now I don’t know what to do without her. 6 years later she wants to get married but I’m still single.

drunk girls
Sometimes you never even know you’ve made lifelong friends while walking along the road keeping company until you reach home simply because you bunked the morning classes and went to have a “one beer” but now it’s 5 pm and you both don’t have money to go home. The type of friends who don’t give up on you for silly things like not calling back or not texting first. He is the friend I never saw coming into my life and looking back we’ve had the funniest afternoons together walking home drunk and broke but today, after 7 years we still go for that “one beer” and end up crawling home but, now we both have money and one of us got a license. Yes, he is a male friend who wears his pants with dignity and I’m glad I have him in my life. From a random walk in this solar system to leaving sanitary napkins in his vehicle without telling him, to making him buy saris for you and still be best friends without a complaint, and now he is at the phase of checking out monitory moms and I’m like that’s ma boy.

annoying girl friend
And then, we all have that one person who is a bit older and wants to be the brother of your life. Knowing that there isn’t a chance of being a husband they are smart I tell you. Annoying to the last toenail and I’ve had instant panic attacks wanting to kill this one almost every two hours. But who am I to judge because now he’s my brother and brothers take care of their sisters. The moments where I need protection the places where I needed to be directed, he was always there to hold my hand and cross the roads to taking me home safe. After some time I started introducing him as “my brother” to just anyone and I accidentally introduced him to my family 9 years ago and they were confused. I know. But now they are friends and I have blocked him everywhere for the four thousandth time for these 7 years because recently we fought again and he is still an annoying piece of sh*t.

Being a girl and looking like Mia Khalifa, does attract many men into your life. But I don’t look like Mia Khalifa so I still managed to attract a few men into my life. I know the struggle ladies because sometimes they are too good to be just ignored and sometimes you just say F you and block. And just sometimes you meet beautiful souls through such experiences who becomes a part of your life. I know it’s not easy being “friend-zoned” when you clearly wanna “D zone” the crap outta this women but ok she wants to be friends. Some take it and some just start showing their true colors after getting rejected. I’m really grateful and proud of this person as we pass 10 years of being best buds and being each other’s depression curing shoulders while complaining we are still single and nobody loves us. He has made me laugh more than anyone in this world and even today we share one of the biggest bonds of friendship and understanding each other’s situations.

Most of us meet passport friends. Those of us who go abroad to earn money we leave behind our family, friends, pets, and the favorite chicken curry of grandma. It’s hard. And this is where we need real friends, close to your heart, to share the chicken curry you made to match grandmas but couldn’t so now you need someone to test it on. My entire work life had been away from home, in a different country and lucky for me I met a lot of passport friends. I’ve been betrayed in the name of friendship and left along in the name of friendship. For the last 5 years, I’ve had more than 50 passport friends who are no longer in my life. But…

Two years ago by accident, I met two of the most beautiful souls but to be more accurate two beautiful monkeys who became angels of my life. The first time we met it was so awkward that one of them used to call me “Akki” (elder sister) and the other refused to give me smoke because he thought I’m a lame-ass village woman. Now after 2 years they making bread toast in my kitchen and yell “where the f**ing sugar at man” while holding the sugar bottle on one of their hands. Thankful to them for being in my life and I’m the happiest when around them.

male friends
And then there are those friends who cross your path for a short while when you were still growing up but lose contacts and find each other later to be surprisingly best at being friends. I think of this as a way of life where you meet them way earlier in life to understand or criticize them but when you grow up and meet them again you already know what a beautiful soul they got. I met this beautiful woman in my mid-teens, she was actually a rebel, just like me but I was containing myself before she arrived. Seeing her being herself made me realize that there is no wrong in bringing and hiding a mobile phone in-between your breast (we both had big b**bs) because it’s not permitted but we aren’t ordering drugs through it are we? We just wanted to tame our h*rny boyfriends who don’t get to see us every day because we weren’t allowed to free park when we were teens. And now after many years, I’ve even lost count, I really believe that she and I are made of the same freaking atom.

stupid girls
But I grew up to be a completely different person of who I was and my interests and passion diverged completely different from all around me. Growing up I was like that but I never showed anyone that I was thinking about aliens and the universe and science because I knew nobody will like me then. It’s difficult to have friends who think or understand what is going on inside my head. I wanted to share a lot of things with many of these friends but deep inside I knew that it was gonna bore them and I wasn’t ready to hit the science button on two monkeys who want to just eat bread toast and pass out on the couch.

Having struggled, not wanting the small talk anymore, I met this long lost very very long lost friend whom I never even knew the last name and we met after 15 to 16 years after the initial years of being close but not close enough to know other than the first name. For one, I was really surprised to have found out that this tiny man who used to be very shy and all smiles can understand atomic particles? Well to my relief he does and finally, I have someone I can share my alien knowledge and spiritual disasters. Life is really crazy you know. We’ve never even shared a proper introduction in years but suddenly we are talking about religion science and lost civilizations and surprisingly we share the same amount of sarcasm level to the extent that we no longer apologize for being an ass. And trust me we laugh and laugh and laugh until we die and then again laugh and laugh and laugh but we haven’t seen each other since kindergarten.

laughing minions
It is really funny and it amazes me at the same time that who are these people? Why do they keep being loyal and funny and smart and most importantly why don’t they leave? Like the rest of them? Why am I so happy around these bunch of people and why do they care about me?

I really have no answers to those questions but one thing I know for sure is that these people whom I have never mentioned any name or color or age or distance, are always close to my heart and I will always be their knight in shining armor when in need and I’m sorry for all the men who cannot have a girlfriend because of me because I refuse to leave you guys and women these days are freaking jealous of me being around so not really my fault. This is a simple letter of gratitude to all the people in my life and yes they are this much only because I believe in quality over quantity and happiness over a million dollars.

I mean the million dollars is OK too… pf-ft!

All I wanna say is that I’m am forever grateful for the bunch of you who bring colors to my life. you guys know the deepest secrets of me, seen the darkest sides of me,  been with me through my most difficult phases of life and handled me through my most emotional melodramatic situations and you still decided to stay in my life. Which even my family couldn’t handle and I will remember your names and I will recognize your souls anywhere in this universe because you make me happy and you are the reason!

And NO you are not allowed to NOT be friends until I turn 50. (i think I can tolerate your annoying a$$es until then)

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