And you’re here. There’s a fire in your belly.I love that. I feel it too. I want to help you burn even brighter, beautiful.

But first, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Dyan Heffner.
I’m a writer, coach, speaker, seeker. I guide passion-fuelled women out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives, blogs and businesses they love (and truly desire).

Thanks you!

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aliens create humans

Did Aliens Create the Homo Sapiens by Encoding Our Ape DNA?

Did aliens create the homo sapiens by encoding our Ape DNA? The RH factor is a protein found in the Rhesus Monkey blood that is directly linked to the human bloodline. The...

5,300 Year Old Ice Man – Best Preserved Human Being Ever Found

In 1991, Helmut Simon and Erika Simon who are hikers found a body half-frozen in the Austro-Italian Alps. Seemingly well preserved hence they called the cops to identify the subject and...
who am i

We are Chasing an Illusion, by means of finding Happiness.

Happiness is an illusion. Blindly we chase the illusion of being happy as much as the other person. We want to be as happy as our...
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