Beef Bros: Sitterson & Cannon’s Bodybuilding Superheroes Return in New Graphic Novella


Beef bros is an aspirational leftist superhero comic. This is about the return of the Beef bros as a new graphic novella. At the beginning of this beef bros, the target of the superheroes was protecting a little guy.  He is called Gal or a nonbinary gal. That is getting lost on their way. You have to enter and see about this revolutionary beef bros.

beef bros

This is the best superhero story having as many adventures as all the other superhero stories. Also, it is keeping the door open wide for many of your future adventures. Aubrey Sitterson and Tyrell Cannon’s Beef Bros return with a double-sized graphic novella. That was entitled as Beef bros behind bars. Actually, this is a comic book in 2020. Now that is returning back for the second set. The theme of this comic is not based on politics. Beef bros is an adventurous comic, an eye-searing, gonzo comic about Huey and Ajax Beef, those two are r of neighborhood heroes that wishes to against sadistic police, cruel landlords, and predatory corporations not because of any complicated college-boy theorizing, but they also wish to help people a lot.

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The Beef Bros behind bars is actually a double-length graphic novella. It is written by Aubrey Sitterson. It was illustrated by Tyrell Cannon. Apart from that it was colored by Racial Avila and lettered by Taylor Esposito. The Kickstarter campaign has already started and it will continue for more than 30 days.  The launch day of the project is the 26th of October. They will also secure themselves a funny pack of stylish beef bros. There are some other rewards included here. The second printing of Beef bros new cover and some other motivational prints were included in the second printing of the Beef Bros second printing.

beef bros cover

Do you know what is at the center of this beef bros? This is centered on the two happy-go-lucky himbo bodybuilders who stand up for their community. And those two are pushing back against the sadistic cops as well as greedy landlords. In the new installment of the beef bros, the viewers can see the two protagonists as Huey and Ajax. This time it is surrounded by the prison industrial complex. And the other is entirely in the carceral state.

beef bros comic

The purpose of designing the Beef bros is to buck the trend of traditional superhero comics according to Aubrey Sitterson. Actually, it is to buck the trend to the comics that turned their protagonists into “Supercross”. After releasing the first Kickstarter, Aubrey stated that this whole story was a kind of return to the superheroes. Their original identity is to work as champions. An antidote to toxic masculinity as well. According to the given facts, we can imagine that the Beef bros are surely an interesting comic for all of us. If there is someone who loves comics the Beef Bros by Aubrey Sitter son and Tyril Cannon is the best option.

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