Blue Beetle’s New Enemy Is More Dangerous Than Ever


In “Blue Beetle: Graduation Day,” we witness Jaime Reyes embarking on a new chapter in his superhero journey, one that demands he assume the roles of mentor and leader. As the comic unfolds, it becomes evident that Jaime’s relationships with Nitida and Dynastes are evolving, shaping the dynamics of his world.

blue beetle's new enemy

Blood Scarab’s Lethality

At the conclusion of “Blue Beetle #1,” a sinister figure emerges onto the scene – the enigmatic Blood Scarab. This new adversary swiftly penetrates Ted Kord’s formidable defenses, catching him off guard. In a harrowing encounter, Blood Scarab ruthlessly slashes Kord across the chest, inflicting grave injuries upon the former Blue Beetle.

Kord, displaying his resourcefulness, momentarily entraps Blood Scarab within a Temporal Lock. However, this confinement proves ephemeral, as Blood Scarab breaks free. His unleashed fury triggers a cataclysmic explosion that obliterates much of Kord’s technological arsenal. Despite Kord’s valiant efforts, Blood Scarab ultimately impales him with a deadly blade.

Blood Scarab’s Motive

Though Blood Scarab remains cryptic about his motives, subtle clues are dropped. He initially denounces Kord as an impostor, condemning his reliance on gadgetry as mere child’s play. Questions arise regarding Kord’s true identity as the Blue Beetle.

The Possibility of Blood Scarab’s Identity

A tantalizing possibility lingers in the air – could Blood Scarab be the resurrected form of the original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett? Garrett had once bonded with Khaji Da, bestowing upon him the Scarab’s formidable powers. Before his demise, Garrett passed the Scarab to Ted Kord, who, unable to establish a bond, leaned on his inventive prowess and gadgets. Now, Jaime Reyes stands as the current bearer of the Scarab’s mantle. Speculation swirls regarding Blood Scarab’s true identity – could he be a reborn Garrett, or perhaps an individual seeking to harness the Scarab’s potent abilities?

Official Description for Blue Beetle #2

As we eagerly await the release of “Blue Beetle #2,” the official description offers a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come. Someone is relentlessly hunting down Beetles, and Ted Kord’s brutal encounter places Jaime on high alert. Armed with determination, Jaime readies himself for an imminent face-to-face showdown with the menacing Blood Scarab, setting the stage for an electrifying confrontation.

Release Date

For fans eager to dive deeper into this thrilling narrative, the wait won’t be long. “Blue Beetle #2” is scheduled to hit comic store shelves on October 3rd, promising further twists and turns in the gripping saga.

In “Blue Beetle: Graduation Day,” Jaime Reyes confronts not only the formidable Blood Scarab but also his own evolution as a hero. With each passing page, the stakes rise, alliances shift, and mysteries deepen. Stay tuned as the battle between the Blue Beetle and the enigmatic Blood Scarab unfolds in this high-octane series.


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