Why Do Cats Go Crazy After Using the Litter Box? (Explained!)


Many cat owners notice their cats behaving bizarrely after using the litter box, from zooming around to scratching floors and carpets. While this post-poop behavior may seem strange, there are some valid explanations behind it.

Marking Territory

Marking Territory

Cats have scent glands in their paws that leave traces of odor when they scratch surfaces. One theory is that cats scratch, dig and rub against things after pooping to spread their scent and mark territory. This sends a signal that they “own” the area.

Relieving Discomfort

Pooping can cause cramping or discomfort. Cats may scratch floors or carpets after pooping to stretch their bodies and relieve tension, similar to how humans stretch after strenuous activity. Scratching extends and works out their muscles.

Removing Clinging Litter

As fastidious groomers, some litter can stick between cats’ paws and fur after pooping. Biting, licking and scratching may be an effort to clean off clinging particles of litter and keep clean.

Releasing Energy

Pooping stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which causes relaxation, but also builds physical tension. Zooming and playing post-poop allows cats to burn off pent up energy.

Burying Scent

Scratching and stirring up an area post-poop may relate to a natural instinct to cover up and bury their waste to hide from predators. Indoors, carpet substitutes for dirt.

In summary, while cats may act eccentric after pooping, the behavior relates to natural instincts around scent marking, cleanliness, relieving tension, and expending energy. Unless excessive, enjoy the brief post-poop zoomies!


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