read on bath

Live Up To Your Full Potential – This Is All You Need

Every morning when you open your eyes and know its time to start your day, even without your mind or body knowing, you get up dress up and on...
primal hunter

The Story About our Origins: Apes to Humans

Long ago, the big bang, the dark ages, the development of galaxies, planets, and finally the fish started to crawl out of the water and now we are here....
wounded girl

Storms and Faith – Adulthood

I was battling a storm. Broke, broken and lifeless. I was 3 months due on rent and a job that couldn't afford to pay the salary they offered, for...
sleepy head

For All The Sleepy Heads out There

An average homo sapien sleeps 8 hours a day. This was a random thought on my mind on an awful boring day at the work. If a person has...
married couple

Are You Really Ready To Get Married?

Marriage. Personally? The idea of living with a man for the rest of my life is insane. But... Growing up, we used to believe in marriage like a fairy tale....


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