Fenty x Puma Returns With Avanti Sneaker: A Modern Take on the Classic


In a thrilling revelation, the fashion world is abuzz with the official return of Fenty x Puma, a dynamic collaboration uniting Puma and the globally adored superstar Rihanna. After a hiatus that spanned from 2017, during which Rihanna diligently channeled her creative energies into her flourishing ventures, Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty, the brand is back with a bang. Rihanna, now a mother, brings a fresh perspective and a plethora of innovative ideas to this reinvigorated partnership.

Fenty x Puma Rihanna

Fenty x Puma’s History and Emphasis on Sneakers

The inception of Fenty x Puma dates back to 2015, with an unwavering focus on sneakers. The brand burst onto the scene with the Creeper style, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Soon, it introduced other resounding successes, such as bowed sneakers and faux-fur slide sandals. While Fenty x Puma ventured into apparel and even graced the stages of New York Fashion Week, the latest Avanti release signifies a deliberate return to the brand’s sneaker origins.

The Avanti Sneaker

The Avanti Sneaker

Priced at an accessible $160, the Avanti sneaker seamlessly merges elements borrowed from Puma’s iconic King football boot and the Easy Rider running shoe. Rihanna’s creative vision pays homage to Puma’s storied history, a nod to the renowned Brazilian footballer Pelé and the legacy of the brand. The Avanti boasts a vintage leather upper, available in classic black and white or a bold statement silver. Notably, the foldable tongue and gum sole add both functionality and style to this exceptional design.

Rihanna’s commitment to inclusivity shines through as the Avanti will be offered in children’s sizes, with prices at an affordable $95 for preschool sizes and an even more accessible $80 for infants.

The Avanti Sneaker 2

Availability and Future Releases

Fashion enthusiasts, mark your calendars for September 15th, as the Avanti sneakers will be readily accessible worldwide on Puma.com. Furthermore, a second Avanti drop is on the horizon, slated for later this fall. This exciting news underscores Fenty x Puma’s renewed dedication to expanding its product line, promising even more remarkable offerings in the near future.

The return of Fenty x Puma with the Avanti sneaker signifies an exciting revival of a beloved collaboration. Rihanna’s innovative spirit, combined with her commitment to accessibility, ensures that this comeback will be celebrated by fashion aficionados of all ages. With Avanti’s imminent release and more exciting launches in the pipeline, Fenty x Puma is poised to reclaim its place as a trendsetter in the world of fashion.


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