Ask these questions from yourself just once in your life!
  1. Am I waking up in the morning for myself or for my job?
  2. Am I doing my job to live or do I live to do my job?
  3. Am I counting time to get OFF to get home and relax, do a hobby or just out of habit?
  4. Do I repeat this routine tomorrow as well? Or try and see my full potential?

I ask these questions from myself every day and you know what? It has an impact. You see, as we have unknowingly programmed ourselves to a daily routine of life, we don’t even need reminders anymore to do these tasks. Even without your mind or body knowing you get up dress up and on your way to work.

Do you even question yourself “OK I got up now what? Instead, we just get up, straight to the bathroom, dress up and show up at work.

Here’s the thing. Have you ever tried to live up to your full potential on a daily basis? Have you taken your time to do the daily tasks? Because if you really do, you actually will have all the answers to those questions without a doubt.

girl chilling

Let me tell you how.

1. Am I waking up in the morning for myself or for my job?

Waking up, in the morning, is hard! I understand because I have struggled for the same. But once you make up your mind and what is to come after waking up is the real deal.

You see, Most of us wake up in the morning to an ALARM, a time fixed the night before. How do we fix this time to wake up?

Well most of us, including me, calculate the time to have a shower and dress up so that I can leave home on time to reach office on time. “Okay so I have to be at the office by 9 am, and if I wake up by 8 am and take a shower within 15 mins and get dressed by 8 30 am and leave home by 8.45 am Il be at the office by 9 am”

Alarm set, procrastinate for another 30 mins, fight demons inside the head for another 20 mins desperately trying not to go and eat the pudding in the fridge and mental breakdown for another 10 mins by remembering what happened 6 years ago at a train station when you farted out loud on the platform and there was a cute man behind whom you have already married inside your head and phew lets sleep now.

What if, we wake up for OURSELVES in the morning?

What if we wake up at 5 am in the morning, crawl out of bed slowly, peacefully. There is nothing to rush for. It’s my own time, my own life. I have 3 hours to do anything before I have to leave the house.

Make a cup of coffee, feed your pet, put some slow music, look out the window and look how peaceful it is. Inhale the breeze, put on your shoes, walk a mile just to appreciate the silent peaceful neighborhood that you live in and very rarely people see this part of the day.

I not telling you to do the exact same thing, like DO NOT program yourself to this routine either. If you do, then you can never enjoy the breeze or peace. Because you are doing it according to a plan and all you think is “can’t wait to finish this walk on time so I can get home and go to work!”

Instead, read a book, play with your pets, make a healthy breakfast, and watch a cartoon. There is as many of it if you really want to live up to it.

2. Am I doing my job to live or do I live to do my job?

Every morning, when you rush to work, having no time for you because you woke up to programmed time, you will either be late to work, or depressed. Maybe both.

Why? Because you program the time for yourself. What about the traffic? What about feeding the pet? Then what about the petrol pump queue? What about ironing clothes? What if the usual road to the office is closed for maintenance?

Stuck in traffic you curse the public transport driver and other vehicles. You forgot to feed the pet and now you feel guilty and can’t wait to rush home after work. Need to fill up the tank but damn “where the F all these people going so early in the morning, I’m late!” Honk Honk!

“No time to iron my clothes lets wear something smart today” and you suddenly remember you have an important meeting with a client today but you are already on the bus 5 mins away from work.

And you arrive at work cursing all the people BUT you! “Who TF even invented work and why do we have to go to work so early and work till late and am I even getting paid enough for this sh*t I have to go through everyday visa versa.

What if, we make OUR LIFE a priority, not the job?

What if you have enough time to figure out yourself before leaving home? After that fresh walk in the morning, you might probably as well find out if there’s a road closure around you today, or you could just fill up that tank while most of the others are still sleeping. Or iron your clothes and have time for yourself to groom yourself for which, I personally feel that the correct attire gives the best confidence for the day. And Hair!

Leave home in peace, pets fed, your ego fed, nicely ironed clothes, perfect shining hair, matching shoes and bags, tanks full (both vehicle and self-tummy), avoid the closed roads, and take the easy way out. Arrive at work fresh, happy, peaceful, guilt-free, early and ready to kick off the day with confidence.

Now you are living your life while making money to live your life.

happy girl walk to work


3. Am I counting time to get OFF to get home and relax, do a hobby or just out of habit?

“I can’t wait to go home so that I can sit and do nothing again” Why? Why do I need to go home and can’t wait to get off? Even if I go home what do I have to do? If you are married and having children then of course time is not enough. But what about us? Who lives alone with pets? Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but, I mean?

“There are 2 more hours to go and I’m going hooooome! At this point, your programmed self thinks that the day is pretty much over and you have already given up the rest 8 and half hours of the day thinking this is it. Because we are programmed to a rat race that makes us only see the importance of doing one large work per day is the end of it and you deserve to celebrate after that. Because you ain’t getting paid after 5.30 pm so you need to rest and be dramatic about working all day. Bulls**t!

Your real life starts after 5.30 PM!

What if we, instead of trying to rush home, make coffee plans with a friend? Meet an old gang and share a snack or go to the market and buy some fresh veggies. Stop to see the new park opened a few weeks ago, have dinner outside with family or go pet shopping. Stop by the library and see what’s new or enjoy a nice seaside drive alone before going home?

Or you go home, make a cup of tea, install the new game you bought ages ago but didn’t have time and play one or two rounds. Or take the pet out for a walk, bake something for the soul urge, read a book, go for a walk or jogging or gym, take a slow shower, rinse off the day slowly and watch a movie, do a sketch, write a song, play the guitar, fold those clothes instead of washing them again, or call a long lost friend and cleanse your soul.

Do some gardening if you have space, make waffles, and don’t dare tell me you don’t have time because there is nobody telling you to do all these as a time table. Do one of these until you are feeling sleepy. Not every day the same thing. Nobody is monitoring you so do what you like. Nobody told you to play the guitar until 8 30 pm. Bored after playing for 2 mins? OK go wash the dishes or make some pancakes. What I’m telling is that your real-life begins after 5.30 pm. You spend your whole day earning money to live this life. So live it now. Do not save all that so you can enjoy after you retire or go on a vacation because that is NOT why we are earning.

game night with friends


4. Do I repeat this routine tomorrow as well? Or try and see my full potential?

What is your full potential? Living the 24 hours of your life to the full. Have you tried?

Wake up, slowly, peacefully. Make the bed, turn off the A/C – fan and unwanted lights.

Make a cup of tea, feed the pets, put on some slow music. Wake up for real now slowly giving away the laziness of the morning. Sit on the couch while you think ahead. Drink water.

Get up wash the cup, place it where it belongs.

Take a warm shower, rinse well, do the full beauty face routine, face wash, scrub, toner.

And once a week deep cleanses, face pack, peel-off mask. Take time!

Come out of the shower fresh. NOT rushed! Drink water.

Go up to your room, deodorant, body spray, body lotion. Place towel on the rack, not the bed, dress up slowly trying to match what you wear, comfortable clothes, beautiful match, and confidence now booming. Groom your hair, take your time. Comb thoroughly, tie back neatly or let loose with spray. Feel like ironing the hair? No problem you have time. Do it.

Drink water!

Leave home, keys check, phone check lights off, windows closed check, wallet, money, license check.

Before leaving the office, groom yourself again. Comb hair, neat the clothes, arrange the work table to a state where your colleagues don’t assume that you are straight from hell. Drink water!

Arrange the next day’s important tasks to a side and store away the rest.  There is no greater feeling than seeing a fresh clean desk early morning at work. Organize your life.

Leave work. Slowly. Happy and excited just as you were this morning because now you are going to live the real life. Your life, the way you want it. You are your own boss after this. Until tomorrow morning again.

Come home, take off your make up as soon as you reach home, wash your face, drink water, have quick rinse off if you aren’t planning to go out again. Get rid of those office clothes, wear something comfortable. Cook something nice, do something your soul needs. Heal yourself. Invite friends over for tea.

Take a relieving shower, sing in the shower if you feel like, do a full body scrub, let that conditioner do the magic, comb through the hair while washing off so there won’t be any trouble after it dries off.

girl bath

Sit on the commode sharing memes and let that poop out, all of it. Don’t rush out because you want to watch the rest of the movie.

Do your nails. Take the time to paint them. Or you can have matching nails with your cat. Take time.

Sit on the couch relaxed watching a movie or do your thing. Anything that you like. Scroll through Facebook, heart Instagram, write a funny tweet and check your LinkedIn. Spend some time catching up with the social media world.

But Store away your electronics before you go to bed. Staring at a screen keeps you awake and drained. Fall asleep peacefully. Let your mind wander while your eyes are closed. And you won’t even notice the time you fell asleep.

BUT! Most importantly, make sure you do not make this a program inside your head. Do not do everything the same way every day. Make changes because the most important part of it all is


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Santa K
Santa K
3 months ago

Compete with your self, evaluate at the end of the day, and grade it. Do you really feel happy and achieved then you are success for the day. If you are crazy on been victorious, triumphant then have a lot of those happy days. You are on the up and up.