How To Get A Refund On A Flight Ticket?


How to get a refund if my flight is cancelled? What are the things that should have to be considered?

A frequently asked question is how to refund plane tickets when my flight cancellation by an airline? The answer is always yes. In the case of flight cancellation, the passenger would be able to get his money back easily. The flight cancellation reason doesn’t appear for the refund. The price cancellation procedure is always happening according to EU law. If the passenger wants to cancel their flight, there are two options provided by the airline.

  • Full flight cancellation refund
  • Alternative flight

refund plane tickets

Full flight cancellation refund

Under this option, the passenger who has cancelled the flight will receive a full flight refund for all the flights within the same booking.

Alternative flight

Under this specific option, the airline will explore a replacement flight for the passenger. However, they are facilitating you until reaching the desired destination. While you are looking for alternatives, the passenger has the capability of deciding whether he wants an early possible alternative flight or else whether he needs a later preferable flight.

If this policy doesn’t match with your suggestion or the idea, then you would be able to choose the not to fly option. Under this option, you can easily ask for a full flight refund. Assume that you have chosen the full refund option over choosing an alternative, the airline must provide you with the airfare reimbursement. That will be provided within 7 days at least. That must be paid via electronic bank transfer, bank check, bank order or by cash as well.

Flight refund policy the UK

The government of the UK has assigned UK law for the refund of the flight cancellation. EU regulation 261/2004 is a part of the Brexit transition. In an event of flight cancellation, UK travellers can still have a claim on the flight refunds. In some cases, the passengers have the total right to decide whether they should have to act in which method.

Can passengers get a refund on flights to and from the EU or UK?

The main factor that should have to be considered is the awareness of what flights are eligible for getting the full flight cancellation refunds. As per the details available the all list of countries for the regulation EC261 has been extended. There are 27 member states of the EU. In addition to that, the countries like Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and the other 9 special members are included in the EU territories. According to the rule of thumb, the passengers can get a flight refund for all flights operated by an airline. That doesn’t matter for the arrival or the departure from or to the EU. Further, you would be able to get advice and guides from the Air Advisor for the payments and refunds.

Can I easily get a refund on a return flight?

Here normally you are requesting refunds for all parts of the flight ticket. The flight ticket is a thing that you haven’t used yet. As an example assume that you have purchased a return flight from London – to New york. Here there’s an issue that is, can airlines cancel the return flights? Which flight refund could I get if the flight is cancelled?

  • In such a case, the onward flight from London – to New York gets cancelled. In this scenario, the flight ticket refund is applicable for both onward and return flights.
  • When the New York – London flight gets cancelled you are eligible to get the refunds of the full ticket cost even unless you have already completed the outbound flight. Assume that if you have departed already, then you will get only the price of the return flight only.

Fight cancellation refund for connecting flights

You know that when we are reaching for a certain destination, there would be more connecting flights on the way. If you want to cancel a part of your trip and get a refund, easily you could. In such type of a case, the passenger would be able to,

  • Ask for flight refund for cancelled connection
  • Alternative connecting flight until reaching the final destination

In a case the alternative flight doesn’t serve as the original journey plans, the passenger has the right to request a full flight ticket refund. Here the passenger can request refunds on both parts of your booking. The airline is obliged with the responsibility of refunding the ticket amount in such a case.

Dissimilarities with the flight refund and the compensation

There is only one major difference between the flight refund and the compensation. Any time you can request claims on the flight ticket refunds in a case of EU flight cancellation. When it comes to the compensation, the passengers are only entitled to it for the EU flights when the following would be satisfied,

  • When the passenger is given notice at least 14 days before the departure
  • The experience of flight cancellations due to the faults in airlines.

Always you will receive the same amount as your flight ticket costs. And when it comes to the compensation it is the amount that depends on the travelling distance of your flight. If a passenger is considering the replacement flights, the cost would be dependent on the flight time as well.

 It is always possible to receive both a refund and compensation at the same time. For the eligibility of that condition, the cancelled flight has to satisfy the given conditions.

How to cancel flights and get my money back?

When you want to cancel your flights and get refunds,

  • If you booked a refundable ticket only you will receive the refunds
  • The airline ticket refund rule is varying from one airline to another airline
  • Before the refunds, it is better to refer to the website rules and other related facts
  • Then  request the refunds

By paying attention to the given facts you would be able to make refunds on the flight tickets. Pay attention to the given facts you could make the refunds successful. But remember, any refund will be provided within 7 days at least but it can take more time. Also, that must be paid via electronic bank transfer, bank check, bank order or by cash as well.


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