How to Set Up Quick iPhone Camera Shortcuts on iOS 17


Recently, Apple unveiled iOS 17 following the announcement of the iPhone 15. This new update brings forward a set of interesting features. One significant inclusion is the Shortcuts app. This app is designed to let users personalize and control various operations on their iPhones. Another intriguing update revolves around camera modes. These modes are crafted to cater to a range of user preferences.

how to set up quick iphone camera shortcuts on ios 17

Camera Shortcuts Features

Now, what are these camera shortcuts all about? Well, the latest iOS update lets users create and implement up to nine separate camera mode shortcuts. Some of these modes are the popular Selfie, Video, and Portrait. Additionally, there’s great news for those who want quick camera access. These shortcuts can find a place right on your home screen, ensuring you capture moments swiftly.

Setting Up Camera Shortcuts

Setting these shortcuts is a straightforward process.

  1. First, you open the Shortcuts app.
  2. Next, you’ll notice an option labeled “All Shortcuts.” Navigate there.
  3. In the upper right, there’s a plus sign. Go ahead and tap that.
  4. The following step is to click on “Add Action.” At this juncture, either select “Camera” directly or use the handy search bar.
  5. Lastly, you get to pick the camera mode that best suits your shortcut needs.

Customizing Camera Shortcuts

Beyond just setting them up, iOS 17 allows extensive personalization of these shortcuts.

A small down arrow next to the “Open Camera” option lets you rename the shortcut.

Moreover, if you wish for a specific shortcut to be right on your home screen, there’s an “Add to Home Screen” choice.

But there’s more! You’re not restricted to default appearances. Opt to jazz up your shortcut tile with personal photos. Or perhaps you want a certain hue paired with a unique symbol? You got it!

ios 17 camera shortcuts menu

Advanced Shortcut Options

Apple understands that some users crave even more control. And so, the Shortcuts app goes a step further with “Next Action Suggestions.” Imagine setting a shortcut that, once activated, organizes your captures. Photos and videos can get directed to specific albums, all automatically. Furthermore, these advanced shortcuts aren’t rigid. Tweak them. Adjust the settings. Ensure they align perfectly with your user habits.

In conclusion, iOS 17 promises an enriched experience for iPhone users, especially for those who love capturing memories. With easy-to-set, customizable shortcuts, Apple ensures your camera is but a tap away. Happy capturing!


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