iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro Durability Test: Which One Wins?


Recently, the tech community buzzed with excitement over a new durability test. This test focused on two of Apple’s flagship models: the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro. Many often wonder which phone can withstand daily wear and tear better. To provide answers, Sam Kohl, a popular figure in the YouTube tech circle, took on the challenge. He meticulously documented each phase of the experiment. Furthermore, he didn’t keep these results to himself. Instead, he generously shared them with his vast audience, ensuring that everyone got a detailed look at how each model performed. This experiment provided valuable insights, particularly for those looking to invest in a new phone.

iphone 15 pro vs iphone 14 pro drop test

Drop Test Results

Upon dropping both phones from waist height, neither displayed notable scratches.

Interestingly, by the fifth drop, the iPhone 15 Pro’s black glass shattered. The iPhone 14 Pro, meanwhile, held strong with only slight damage noticeable on the last drop.

From the fifth drop onward, the rear panel of the iPhone 15 Pro showed cracks. By the sixth, wear was evident on the rear camera.

Miraculously, the iPhone 14 Pro showed no harm through six drops.

Raising the stakes, when dropped from 15 feet by the 13th attempt, the iPhone 15 Pro’s display failed. Conversely, the iPhone 14 Pro displayed no cracks after this fall.

By the fourteenth drop, the iPhone 15 Pro’s rear camera was shattered and loose, while the iPhone 14 Pro, despite some cracks, had an intact camera and a responsive display.

Material Differences

The iPhone 15 Pro brings a change in design with rounded titanium edges. This differs from the iPhone 14 Pro’s stainless steel.

Sam Kohl’s video hinted that the new titanium edges could be the iPhone 15 Pro’s weak point.

The stainless steel frame of the iPhone 14 Pro might be its saving grace during such drops.

Concluding Notes

While the iPhone 14 Pro seemed more resilient in this test, it’s crucial to remember that drop tests aren’t the only measure of durability. With the iPhone 15 Pro now in the market, many will get a chance to judge its toughness firsthand.

Pricing and Availability

For those interested in the iPhone 15 Pro, it comes with a starting price of Rs. 1,39,900 for the 128GB version in India. Potential buyers can find it on Apple’s online store, at Apple BKC, Saket, various e-commerce sites, and official retail outlets throughout the nation.

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