When i was a little kid, marriage looked like a fairy tale. It was so awesome that i kept on yearning for marriage and the idea of having a grand wedding. Now that im 25 years old, the idea has changed completely. The idea of living together with a man forever? Naah im fine!

the perfect “happily ever after” fairy tale is bulls**t. Its a trap of this society. A trap that we don’t even know we created anymore. We are driven from childhood, to accept the marriage concept, and consider it as one of the most important milestones in our lives, in fact, the last option for obtaining happiness. Great!



You know how i see weddings? Bridezillas (not to insult Godzilla), the heavy make up cost more than a motor cycle, the preparations has to start few years before, the invitees list is people whom you might never have seen before, the flowers, the matching chair covers, the first dance, the cake cutting (its not even a real cake) – and the 5-star luxury honeymoon. And then, “alright fairy weddings over let’s pay the debt for all that shined for the rest of our lives Darling” Ridiculous man!

Have you ever thought how a couple that was so affectionate with each other in the first period of their relationship, can slowly start hating each other after their marriage?

Because, love is ruined by marriage. Wanna know why? Because marriage is something we do for the grand fat wedding to show off. And also because the society is pushing for it. If people really knew what is meant by loving someone, they would let the other person be a free. But marriage limits them, they limit each other from doing what they love and try to control each other.

couple kissing

we are born free. Its our birth right. It is in fact the nature of human to be free and explore what ever they want. And when someone suddenly comes in to your life and starts limiting that freedom, we start to rebel against it.

Thus this freedom has limits, and that’s where the love comes my folks. You see this “love” thingy is just a 4 lettered bombshell word that could fool an entire universe until someone somewhere can give a meaning to it.

  • Do not marry for the sake of society or the timeline they have created. You can take your time to figure out your own timeline and whether you are ready or not.
  • If you’re trying to marry the person because hes wandering always and if you think you can stop him of you marry him then don’t. Because you cannot stop him from what ever he wants to do in life. Do not try to limit his freedom by putting the marriage cave on him because you will regret.
  • Also, including my mother, they love to see us marring a rich person. Nope. If you think of getting married because he is rich and you will have a good life please don’t. Men aint ATM machines and the more they have the more they have no reason to come home regularly. facts check! Also it is wrong to treat men as the source of income because they are human too.
  • If you really don’t want to get married but you are scared that you ll have to grow alone in the late grand ma years of your life marriage isn’t the only solution. Because your husband is not an insurance policy for your old age. What is he dies before you are even pregnant? We live in a crazy world

old couple

Marriage is not an achievement nor a time measurement system nor a reward that anybody can graduate or master a Ph.D. on, and just because you are married with kids by 25 doesn’t mean that the other women are hoeing around. Some of us aren’t ready yet.

What I personally believe is that marriage does not have to be what everyone else wants to be. The bitter truth is that even our parents, relatives, siblings may want us to get married to a specific person whom they even have no clue about how the turn out would be in a few years into marriage but HE, seems to be handsome, smart, earns well, good family reputation and has a secure job?

NO! when the initial fascination feeling fades and you have to do the true work of mastering how to love and be loved? There will be nobody my love. It’s you and your rich husband who has to sit by each other and plant the seeds of happiness, prosperity. To remove the weeds of insecurity, and judgments. To water the honesty and kill the ego.

To build a house buy a vehicle, help him do it. In return he will help raise the kids. He needs to chase his dream of opening a restaurant? Give him a hand and help him through his struggle. Do not be blinded by today gender limits when it comes to raising a family. live the life you can afford and no you don’t have to pass your neighbor in the “who’s family is richer and happier” contest. Do you feel me?

Do you wanna know how our grand parents survived marriage?

They knew that the job of your husband is not to protect you from yourself and make you feel fulfilled, alive, fully insured, financially secure, and complete with jimmy choo hand bags or candlelit dinners in 5 star luxury hotels; but being supportive, understanding, patience and hard working for your own delights, together!

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Sajeev MG
Sajeev MG
4 months ago

Your ideas are great and photography are good

Sun Flower
3 months ago
Reply to  Sajeev MG

Thank you so much. please do feel free to share your ideas anytime