Mouna Ayoub’s Legendary Chanel Haute Couture Collection Up for Auction


Frequent Haute Couture Fittings

Mouna Ayoub has a deep love for haute couture. She has been to thousands of fittings. These aren’t quick visits. Each one often needs many trips to get everything just right. Ayoub finds something special in the atmosphere of couture salons. It’s not just about the clothes. The talent and professionalism there really draw her in.

mouna ayoub chanel haute couture auction

Divesting Part of Her Collection

Recently, Ayoub decided to sell part of her collection. She’s letting go of 252 Chanel haute couture items. These pieces were designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Why is she selling them? Mainly, they don’t fit her anymore. Also, she wants younger people to enjoy Lagerfeld’s work.

Personal Background and Collection Details

Ayoub faced some limits in her past. While married to Nasser Al-Rashid, she couldn’t wear clothes showing her arms or chest. Choosing which items to sell was tough. Each piece means a lot to her. It’s like saying goodbye to old friends.

The Auction Event

The sale is happening in Paris, organized by Maurice Auction. Two standout pieces are an evening coat and a gold lace dress from 1996. Before the auction, anyone can see these items for free. Plus, the auction will be online, so more people can join.

Ayoub’s Commitment to Women’s Rights

Ayoub isn’t just about fashion. She cares deeply about women’s rights. A part of the sale’s proceeds will go to Fondation des Femmes. This group fights against violence towards women.

Ayoub’s Professional Life and Fashion Philosophy

Besides fashion, Ayoub works in real estate. She uses her earnings to grow her couture collection. She prefers haute couture over jewelry. Ayoub believes in the value of couture. It’s not just about looking good. It’s about supporting skilled workers and their craft.

Personal Style and Ongoing Engagement with Couture

Her first couture order was in 1990. Lagerfeld’s designs in Vogue inspired her. Now, she buys big, showy pieces for events like the Cannes Film Festival. But her everyday clothes are simpler. She also likes Chanel’s ready-to-wear line. It’s easier to find the right size.

Auction Details and Legacy

The auction includes clothes from 1990 to 2014. Some took up to 800 hours to make. Maurice Auction is working with Kerry Taylor Auctions for this event. They’re known for setting records in fashion sales.


Even after this sale, Ayoub’s love for haute couture remains strong. She keeps buying from top designers like Chanel and Dior. Her collection may be smaller, but her passion is as big as ever.


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