Naomi Campbell X PrettyLittleThing Collaboration


In the heart of New York, anticipation filled the air. Naomi Campbell, a titan in the world of fashion, unveiled a new collection that was the result of a collaboration with PrettyLittleThing. The timing was impeccable; the city was already buzzing with excitement as New York Fashion Week’s Spring-Summer 2024 was about to begin. The highlight of the unveiling? Naomi herself, embodied elegance as she graced the runway. Her choice of attire, a sheer black halter neck maxi dress adorned with crystalline touches, became the talk of the town.

Naomi Campbell PrettyLittleThing fashion collection

Collection Highlights

As attendees got a glimpse of the collection, several standout themes became evident:

  • Sheer materials were a recurring motif, hinting at boldness and vulnerability.
  • A diverse array of 40 outfits, each echoing the spirit of festive celebrations and glamorous parties.
  • Variety reigned supreme with tailored jumpsuits, body-defining cocktail dresses, stately gowns, and crisp blazers.
  • While a monochrome palette of black and white dominated, sudden splashes of hot pink, sunny yellow, rich purple and subtle mauve added vibrancy.
  • Elements like chainmail, sequins, and crystals brought a hint of opulence.
  • Prioritizing inclusivity, the range was available in an impressive spectrum of sizes, from 0 to 26.

Collaboration Insights

Chris Parnell, the visionary behind PrettyLittleThing’s design ethos, expressed immense pride in this collaboration. It wasn’t just another collection for them; it marked a milestone. But Naomi wasn’t just a passive collaborator. Her involvement was hands-on, leaving her signature touch on every item. Once, she even steered an entire potential line towards a redesign, ensuring it aligned with her vision.

Support for Emerging Designers

Naomi’s influence in the fashion world is undeniable. But what makes her unique is her unwavering commitment to uplifting fresh talent. By spotlighting designs from emerging stars like Victor Anate and Edvin Thompson, she sent a clear message: the future of fashion lies in nurturing new voices. Her association with a fast-fashion entity wasn’t just a business decision; it was a strategic move to give emerging designers a vast platform.

Notable Attendees

The event wasn’t just a magnet for fashion enthusiasts; it pulled in a galaxy of stars. The modeling world was well-represented with faces like Winnie Harlow, Alton Mason, Emily Ratajkowski, and Halima Aden. But the attendee list didn’t stop there. Celebs like Tommy Dorfman, Teyana Taylor, Vashtie Kola, and Julia Fox enriched the event, making it a melange of fashion and stardom.

Criticism and Defense

However, not all feedback was positive. There were whispers, questioning Naomi’s decision to partner with a fast-fashion brand, given the industry’s reputation. However, Naomi wasn’t one to shy away. She acknowledged the concerns but was quick to highlight her larger goal: using this collaboration as a launchpad for new designers. For her, it was about giving back to the fashion community, making way for the future torchbearers.


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