People Like Us, We Don’t Need That Much


Every gray cloud has a silver lining. I honestly do not know who said that but, on a lazy morning 5 days into quarantine,

Coronavirus took the world by storm. Now we saw an entirely different side of the world. something which we never thought would be possible. I mean who would have thought most of us will be getting such a long paid leave and will be home for entire months and weeks with our beloved family even though with budding fear of death from a foreign virus?

home quarantine

Entire fleets of airbuses grounded for the first time in the history of millennials. Countrywide curfew, offices which closed only for a day in the week are now closed 24/7. Now we have to work from home. An entire meeting discussion now coming to your inbox. A weeks-long task now only takes a day to complete because “No more meetings, hurrayyyy!”

Without offending the first responders to this global pandemic, our heroes fighting a dangerous virus while we are requested to stay home and be of the greatest help to mankind right now. My grandpa said they were called to war during their twenties, but all we have to do is sit on the couch and wash your hands to save the day. But here we go window shopping and panic buying toilet papers because if you don’t wipe your a$s three times a day, you die of coronavirus anyway because “wash your god damn hands Susan, not your ass”

Anyway, while the whole world is taking a break, the real superheroes working day and night, the breadwinners are working from home, there’s us, the dreamers, the believer’s, the ones that wanted to change, the ones that needed a break to follow their dreams, passion and hopeful carrier changes. Here is your time.

Haven’t you been constantly asking for a break in your life? Haven’t you hoped for a three month paid leave so that you could figure out your lifestyle? Didn’t you want a real-life break where you need to start following your dreams and catch a breath? The writers who are stuck at a 9 to 5 job, the readers who are working on daily wage, the start-up entrepreneurs who couldn’t invest more time in their work because you are always late from work and you are too tired to work anymore, here is your chance.

A time like this isn’t going to pop up ever again and in our entire lives even if the whole world prayed to their different Gods because when the ”heaven ft. hell” releases an antidote to cure the main virus on earth, (the human virus) it only means we are f*cked.

To me, this feels like a blessing that came in disguise, yet again, to help us see what we are loosing behind the curtains of development and the rat race of earning a living.

Most of us sit at our 9 to 5 job wondering when is this going to be over. Why am I sitting here when I desperately need to be a full-time blogger and that’s my passion. How am I going to follow my dreams by doing a 9 to 5 job? I desperately need a long break to figure out my life, my relationships, or my studies. The wannabe singers, the wannabe writers, the wannabe entrepreneurs, the wanna be you-tubers here’s your long-awaited break the magic potion to your dreams.

To those who need to lose weight, grab that yoga mat, and kill those home workout sessions. Work on your diet plans because now you have limited food anyway and you really have time to figure out and prepare your own three meals. Go for it do your best and come out of lockdown like a newborn angel with the perfect body and the perfect smile with shining heels to show off your courage. Just the way you always wanted to be. Its the perfect time to make your ex regret and your y’s to see your light.

home workout

To those who desperately needed a lifestyle change, here’s your go! Wake up early, go to sleep early, read more. Allocate your time to the things that you desperately needed to do but you were too lazy to start up. We all lack very much in the start-up period. Give it a go and see how your life is going to change after the lockdown. Clear up your brain, mind. Detox your body and soul. Get ready to grab that promotion with your full confidence in life and your work when this is all over.

reading book

To the people who always think outside of the box and want to do something different, something more in their lives than just heating a rotation chair, here’s your chance. Focus on your idea of what you always wanted to do. Write it down. Make a plan. Get advice from the bigger persons because everybody is home and bored. Startup your online business the youtube channel you always dreamt of having. Start the funny blog that you know you have the potential to do. Or the software that you are developing since 1994 because you had to earn a living first.

work from home

And finally to the readers, writers, bloggers. What a time happy souls. You know where you wanna go what you wanna do and how you wanna do it. You only never had enough time. Mostly because of the jobs that we have to do to earn a living because our passions are always not the best money makers. To me writing is peace. To you reading is knowledge. and to us this time is precious.

You cannot give more time to the life you are having. But you always can give more life to the time you are having.

We cannot predict our timing of life. Just as much at a time like this when the whole world is in chaos and fighting for life, our time could also be over before this ends who knows?

So why not give it a chance to follow your dreams at the mere sight of death closing in on all sides and while praying and supporting (by sitting on the couch of-course) those who are fighting at the front line to minimize the effect so that we all can survive and come back to a world full of potential and happy people who have now chosen their hearts desires to work along with earning a living. Happier this time because then you have already caught up with what you always wanted to be.

Trust me we all have been waiting for a time like this. NO we won’t get it without a virus next time. So make the best out of this period just like our healing earth.

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