How To Protect Your Pets from Coyotes


As urban development continues, more and more people and their pets come into contact with wildlife, particularly coyotes. This interaction can be harmful, especially for our furry friends. One reason for this increase is the attraction coyotes have to human food and waste.

how to protect your pets from coyotes

Human-Pet-Coyote Interactions

Moving deeper into coyote habitats leads to more encounters with these wild creatures. Moreover, these animals get lured by human sources of food and trash. Understanding their behavior can help in reducing these confrontations.

Coyote Behavior Patterns

During the mating season, from late January to early March, they’re more active. Then comes the puppy season from April to August. During this time, the coyotes are extra protective and hunt extensively. And, as winter arrives, finding food becomes tough for them. This scarcity often nudges them to human territories in search of sustenance.

Preventive Measures

Yard Fencing

    • Durable fencing that blocks dog visibility is essential.
    • Invisible fences won’t keep the coyotes out.
    • Chain link fences might not be the best choice due to increased visibility.
    • However, a tall, solid barrier might just do the trick.


    • Keep a close eye on your pets during their outdoor time, especially at night.
    • Always be ready to step in if you spot a coyote.

Outdoor Lighting

    • Bright lights are coyote-repellent.
    • Consider installing motion-sensitive lights.
    • Also, when taking your dog for a nighttime stroll, carry a flashlight.

Food and Garbage Management

    • It’s crucial not to leave dog food or any dishes outside.
    • Make sure your trash cans are secure.
    • Additionally, if you have bird feeders, be cautious. Remember, birds can become coyote prey.

Landscape Maintenance

    • Clear out excessive underbrush and bushes in your yard.
    • On your walks, stick to open trails to steer clear of coyote-dominated areas.

Walking Protocol

    • Ensure your dog is leashed at all times.
    • It’s better to avoid those long, retractable leashes. A short, firm leash gives you more control.

If Encountering a Coyote

Intimidation Tactics

    • First, remain composed.
    • Making yourself appear bigger and shouting can make the coyote back off.
    • A flashlight can also be a deterrent.
    • It’s important not to run. Instead, back away slowly.
    • If you can, lift your dog for extra safety.

Community Awareness

    • Share any coyote sightings to ensure everyone’s safety.
    • Communication is vital. Talk to your neighbors and urge them to report to the local animal control.

Being informed and prepared is the key. This list not only sheds light on the challenges of interacting with coyotes but also offers practical steps to protect your beloved pets.


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