New Road House: Looney Tunes Action Hits the Big Screen!


The recently released Road House sequel starring Jake Gyllenhaal injects over-the-top, hyper-stylized action clearly inspired by Looney Tunes into the cult classic story.

Exaggerated Violence

Like Looney Tunes, the violence is exaggerated for comedic effect. Bodies bounce cartoonishly off walls, get flattened pancake-style, and have anvils dropped on them.

Physics-Defying Stunts

The outrageous fight scenes feature gravity-defying acrobatics. Characters jump off buildings, bounce back unharmed from huge falls, and get hit by trucks without a scratch – defying physics.

Inventive Fight Choreography

Inventive Fight Choreography

The bar brawls use props and environments inventively. Characters weaponize everything from pool cues to jukeboxes in creative ways.

Meta Humor

With constant winking gags and meta jokes, the film humorously acknowledges the audience. This self-referential style echoes Looney Tunes.

CGI Effects

CGI allows the film to depict absurd, cartoonish carnage, distorting bodies in ways only animation could achieve before.


While the zany, ironic style is jarring for some, it pays homage to the original and gives the sequel a distinct, live-action cartoon flavor. By channeling Looney Tunes, New Road House becomes an exaggerated spectacle.


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