Samsung Promises Matter Support for SmartThings Hubs, Galaxy Devices, TVs, and Fridges


Samsung has officially announced a complete adoption of matter across many Samsung devices including televisions, family hub appliances, and some SmartThings of. The virtual developer conference of Samsung was held in the last week of October. Apart from that Samsung announced that the Samsung Company joined the Thread Group Board of directors. Though they are sitting alongside the others like Apple, Lutron, Google, Silicon Labs, and Qualcomm. That is a new step for them to shape up their future of the primary protocol that matter devices will work. What does matter? The matter is a new connectivity standard. That is created through a collaboration of industry. The main aim of that is to become the de-facto smart home application protocol. Surely it will be available in early 2022. But their view is to simplify the purchase and set up all the connected devices.

galaxy home smart hub

There are some new things that have been introduced with the matter. All Samsung users or consumers should be capable of buying any smart home device that is matter-compatible. Along with that, it is required to be aware that the matter support device will work with the smart home platform as well as the voice assistance. The consumers would be able to set up and connect each and every device, following the same procedure. That means users should have the skill to operate these things. The setting up and connecting have to be done by using the same app. don’t think about it too much. Certainly, it is a simple process for all of you.

Another one is the Samsung SmartThings adopting matter. With that, the users can add many devices that earlier couldn’t be added to the SmartThings app or hub. SmartThings compatible devices can be added to the other matter-enabled smart home ecosystems. As an example, we can take the Eve LED light strip. Previously it only worked with Apple’s Homekit. But now it can be connected with the SmartThings app as well. The most significant feature is the consumer choice here.


Users are free to use the Google Home app, SmartThings app, or the apple home. That can be selected as the preference of the users. Choose anyone from there to proceed with your works. So you can control all your Samsung devices. But for operating these all things successfully you have to enable some features such as google, SmartThings, and HomeKit. If your devices work with matter, certainly your devices work well with the other three compatible voice assistants.

Initially, SmartThing was founded in 2015. Also, this is one of the open platforms. Smart home ecosystems supported by Z-wave and ZigBee. Now it is supporting the matter as well. Now all the SmartThing products are matter enabled. Samsung announced that they will build a SmartThings hub into the televisions and the family hub refrigerators.  These all things combined and certainly, it would make a smart home. With all these improvements certainly, you all are capable of keeping afoot to a new innovative world.


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