Seasoned Soy Sauce: A Culinary Game Changer


Imagine tasting soy sauce directly. You’re met with a powerful umami flavor. Some adventurous folks even drink condiments! Yet, for many, soy sauce demands a tweak to achieve the perfect balance. Enter Food52’s expert, Lucas Sin. He introduces an intriguing way to enhance soy sauce right in our kitchens.

seasoned soy sauce

Highlighting Soy Sauce’s Significance

Soy sauce holds immense importance in culinary arts. Look at its global market value, a staggering $48 billion. Clearly, the world recognizes its value. However, using it directly might hit your taste buds with an intense umami. The challenge? Making it a more palatable condiment.

Lucas Sin’s Take

Lucas sheds light on a common misconception. Many people use unseasoned soy sauce as a finishing touch, but he cautions against it. Instead, he emphasizes the magic of seasoned soy. Imagine steamed fish elevated with this seasoned delight. Furthermore, your simple rice or scrambled eggs could transform with just a splash!

Steps to Season Soy Sauce

  1. Activate the Aromatics Firstly, warm some neutral oil in your saucepan. Then, introduce thinly sliced shallots. Once they’re soft, mix in chopped scallions and cilantro.
  2. Mixing Water and Different Soy Sauces Next, bring together light soy sauce, water, and a hint of dark soy. Why the dark variant? It gifts the mix a caramel-like undertone and a rich hue.
  3. Enhance with Flavor Boosters Now, for that extra punch, blend in a little Maggi sauce. Sweeten with white sugar. Don’t forget the MSG! If MSG isn’t your thing, opt for chicken bouillon or mushroom powder. White pepper adds a kick. Let this concoction simmer briefly. Remember, you can always tweak. For fish dishes, consider fish sauce or dried shrimp.
  4. Finishing Touches Almost there! Strain your seasoned sauce. A fine-mesh sieve works wonders. Those flavor-packed aromatics? Save them! They’re gold for rice toppings. Lastly, after your sauce cools, it’s off to the refrigerator.


In essence, seasoned soy sauce isn’t just a condiment. It’s a culinary game changer. When we balance and refine its flavors, the doors to gastronomic wonders swing wide open. It’s more than just saltiness. With proper seasoning, the potential of soy sauce stretches beyond imagination.


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