Spotify Error Code Access Point 22: How to Fix it Fast (2023)


Spotify, a popular music streaming app, sometimes faces issues. One such problem is the Spotify Error Code Access Point 22. This error affects the Spotify desktop app’s functioning. Let’s dive into what causes this error and how to fix it.

how to fix spotify error code access point 22

Main Causes of the Error

The primary reason for this error is an outdated Spotify app. It’s crucial to keep the app updated for smooth functioning. Other causes include firewall settings that block Spotify, problems with logging in, or corrupted app files. Identifying the cause is the first step in solving the problem.

Effective Solutions to Resolve the Error

1. Updating Spotify on Windows and Mac

The essential first step is updating Spotify to its latest version. Here’s how to do it:

  • For Windows 11 and 10: Update via the app’s menu. Click on ‘Help,’ then ‘About Spotify.’
  • For macOS: Update through the Spotify menu bar. Click on ‘Spotify,’ then ‘About Spotify.’

2. Deactivating Firewall

If the error continues, consider turning off your firewall temporarily. It might be blocking Spotify. Here’s how to deactivate it:

  • On Windows 11 and 10: Go to Windows Security settings.
  • On macOS: Navigate to System Settings, then Network options.

3. Clearing Spotify’s App Cache

Sometimes, the cache gets corrupted. Clearing it can help. To do this, access Spotify settings and clear the cache from the Storage section.

4. Re-logging into Your Spotify Account

There could be issues with your login session. To fix this, simply log out of your Spotify account and log back in.

5. Reinstalling Spotify

If the app’s core files are corrupted, reinstalling Spotify might be necessary. Here’s how:

  • On Windows 11 and 10: Use the Settings app to uninstall and then reinstall Spotify.
  • On macOS: Go to Finder, then the Applications folder, and reinstall Spotify.

6. Downloading Spotify from Microsoft Store

Windows users have an alternative. Try downloading Spotify from the Microsoft Store.

7. Using Spotify’s Web Browser Version

As a last resort, you can access Spotify through a web browser.

Final Thoughts on Troubleshooting

In summary, this error is often due to an outdated app. By following these steps, users can tackle the Spotify Error Code Access Point 22 effectively. This allows for an uninterrupted music experience on Spotify. Remember, keeping the app updated is key to avoiding such issues.


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