SteamVR 2.0: New Interface, Features, and New VR Headset


In September, after a thorough beta testing phase, Valve unveiled the much-anticipated SteamVR 2.0. Many had predicted its debut in 2020. Interestingly, this update gives us subtle clues. We might just be on the cusp of seeing a new virtual reality headset from Valve.

steamvr 2.0

A Refreshed User Interface

Significant changes grace the user interface, now mirroring the design of the Steam Big Picture mode. As users explore the store layout, they’ll find prime spots reserved for notable new VR games. Furthermore, there’s improved consistency in navigating between the desktop application, the Steam Deck, and other associated gadgets.

Features to Enhance Your Experience

The interface now borrows elements from the Steam Deck design. Directly from VR, users will find it seamless to view notifications, engage in chats, and even view in-game captures. Another addition? A revamped keyboard! It welcomes fresh languages, fun emojis, and the convenience of dual-cursor typing. Users who fancy personalizing their interface will appreciate the theme customization options. And for those worried about their equipment? The dashboard now shows you the battery status of your controllers, reminding one of the features of wireless earbuds. Valve’s latest blog post indicates its commitment to refining and perfecting the Steam ecosystem.

Whispers of New Gadgets

With the arrival of SteamVR 2.0, the tech community buzzes with speculation. Could Valve be preparing to introduce another VR equipment? In an intriguing move, an anonymous wireless gadget saw its registration under Valve in South Korea. This device might be the successor to 2019’s Valve Index, which had cords. The idea of a Steam Deck 2 soon seems slim, especially when considering Lawrence Yang’s words, the design mastermind behind it. However, whispers hint at a unique standalone VR tool in the works. Many believe this device, supposedly named ‘Deckard’, aims to challenge the dominance of Meta Quest VR headsets.

How to Dive In and Some Friendly Advice

Grabbing the SteamVR 2.0 update? It’s a breeze! Simply opt for the ‘Check For Client Updates’ within Steam. And a word to the wise: it’s a good moment to give your VR systems a refresh. Not everyone delves into VR gaming daily, so keeping systems updated is essential.

Steam’s Current Buzz

September proved eventful for Steam. New entrants to the platform were EA Sports FC 24, Starfield, and Lies of P. For thrill-seekers and horror aficionados, mark your calendars! October 26 will see Steam’s Halloween Sale go live, slashing prices on select spine-chilling games. If deals and discounts pique your interest, the Steam Database provides a useful tool. It allows users to track the price history of various products.

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