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Pencildiary is a General site that is not limited to one niche. It is expanding to a whole new wide range of niches. You can easily submit an article for this without any hassle or difficulty. The visitors of this site are mostly from the UK and USA countries. So the value and the CPC of the visitors are really high.

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What is PencilDiary?

Basically this site was started as a blog that Admin writes about everything that comes interesting to the mind. Categories of the articles are called Diaries and it differs according to the article context. With the huge continuous growth of the site, we are open for the “Submit an article” option for the new writers and the people who are interested in getting Do follow Backlinks for their money sites. Fortunately, we are accepting many niches that are compatible with Google Adsense Program.

So if you are interested in SEO or Ranking your Website/Blog on the top of the Google SEPRs then this is the site you should get backlinks from. We are giving High Quality Do Follow Backlinks for a fair price. So please use the button Submit an Article to submit your post to our editors. We will review it shortly and give you a response.

Why You Should Submit an Article (Guest Post) to Pencildiary?

The main reason for it is Pencildiary is a TLD site with Domain Authority 30+. The effect of a Do Follow backlink from a good search engine optimized High DA site is 200 times more than a backlink from a normal site. Learn More about High Quality Backlinks from the below part of the article.

  • Domain Authority – 30
  • Page Authority – 34
  • Moz Rank – 3.4

The Domain Authority of this site is continuously growing along with the time. This is one of the best sites of 2020 that has the Submit an Article option (Guest Posting).

High Quality Backlinks

When comes to SEO the main fact that you should consider is the backlinks. The more you get backlinks for your site, the more you come up in the Google Rankings. But the problem is there are some types of backlinks. First, we can divide backlinks as Positive Backlinks and Negative Backlinks.

Negative backlinks are from Adult or indecent sites that are not safe to work. Positive backlinks are from TLD sites Web 2.0 and Forums etc.

Positive Backlinks are also can be divided into 2 parts as Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks. No Follow backlinks are not indexed in the search engines. Therefore, the effect of them is lesser. Do follow backlinks are the type that Google considers as good backlinks. So if you get a do follow backlink it will be indexed by the Google Crawler.

It is better to get a Do follow backlink from a high DA well-optimized site. These do follow backlinks are considered as High Quality Do Follow Backlinks. Fortunately, Pencildiary is giving you a High Quality Do Follow Backlink that can give a huge boost to your Website or Blog to rank in Google SEPRs.

So what are you waiting for? Just click the button Submit an Article and guest post with a High Quality Do Follow Backlink on our site.