Desk Job Relief! Target Tension with Thermal Massage


As someone who sits at a desk daily, I deal with constant shoulder and neck tension. I recently tried a thermal mapping massage designed to target tight spots for relief.

Desk Job Relief! Target Tension with Thermal Massage

What is Thermal Mapping Massage?

It uses thermal technology to scan the body and detect areas of muscle tension. The massage therapist then focuses on the “hot spots” that need attention.

My Experience

I received a quick thermal scan that showed tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck. The massage therapist used deep tissue techniques to break up knots in those problem spots. She also incorporated stretching and range of motion movements tailored to my scan findings.


For the first time in years, my shoulders felt loose, relaxed and able to move freely after the massage. The release of tension was profound and lasted several days. Targeting the right spots made a big difference.

Pinpointed massage is more effective for chronic tension issues. It’s highly customizable as your body changes and provides longer lasting results when focused on your unique tension patterns.


This modality takes precision and customization to the next level by detecting and targeting tight muscles. The advanced technology paired with a tailored approach makes thermal mapping massage perfect for office workers and anyone with specific muscle strain.


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