We are Chasing an Illusion, by means of finding Happiness.


Happiness is an illusion. Blindly we chase the illusion of being happy as much as the other person.

We want to be as happy as our best friend or worst enemy.  They want to be as happy as their educated cousins.

But in reality, whose happiness are we blindly chasing? Can you ever be happy enough by dreaming of others’ dreams?

When an innocent dream is being questioned, it is always compared to a greater wealth or a bigger achievement, than someone specific. What is in it for, their portion of happiness, which they are waiting for you to fulfill?

A wise player would never bet his best hand on someone else’s name. Or change his mind and leave the table because? Responsibilities? Duties? To make someone proud? To make someone else happy?

Darling. If someone isn’t happy about themselves and what they are doing in life, then there is nothing in this world you can do to them, other than being kind and trying to understand their emotions.

We, choose our own happiness. Chasing an illusion of anyone else’s happiness is the most foolish thing, yet that is exactly what has taken the world by Strom. Family legacy is happiness to the royal family. And only! 

None of us know why we cannot forever find happiness. But non of us want to see for ourselves either. How it would feel like, to chase your own dreams. And not have the fear of being whipped out by society or be it home. 

Maybe you’ll make it. Maybe they will forgive. Maybe you will be the first person to be happy in your circle. And maybe then, they will see.

That there are enough resources, in this world, even if each person chooses to do what they like, passionately, and continue to do so, we won’t run out of Earth.

You and I, we don’t both belong near the ocean. Mountains won’t run out, even if every bird lover went home. Skies won’t fill up, even if every space lover decides to fly into space.

Because, surprisingly enough, if given freedom, and be released from being a slave of debts, each and every human being has their own unique passionate ideas to live a happy life. So if you break the circle,

And eventually, maybe then, they will realize that,

A little leap of faith, and an unbreakable amount of self-trust, is only what it takes, to be happy by doing what you love.

And that is the only way, any one of us is going to find happiness in this never ending world.

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