WhatsApp Channels: Stay Connected with Celebrities, and More


In recent times, WhatsApp has extended its horizons beyond the realm of personal exchanges and corporate communications. This exciting development comes in the form of “WhatsApp Channels,” a feature that grants users access to the latest updates from both individuals and entities. These updates, mind you, will be neatly segregated in a dedicated tab known as “Updates,” distinguishing them from the usual personal conversations.

whatsapp channels

Global Reach

WhatsApp Channels is poised to roll out on a global scale, with a gradual deployment scheduled over the upcoming weeks. Remarkably, this feature will span across more than 150 countries, India among them.

Exploring Channels

Discovering channels to follow is a breeze with WhatsApp Channels:

  • Channels are intelligently filtered according to your location.
  • Users have the option to search for channels. This can be done using a name or a category.
  • Channels can be sorted by recency, activity level, and popularity, gauged by the follower count.

Content and Celebrity Appeal

WhatsApp Channels promises an array of content from an eclectic mix of celebrities, sports teams, artists, thought leaders, and organizations. Icons in the world will be featured prominently. Even Mark Zuckerberg has one, which he employs to relay updates regarding Meta products.

Privacy Priority

Privacy is paramount with WhatsApp Channels:

  • Phone number and DP remain concealed from channel administrators and fellow followers.
  • You can Follow a channel and it is a discreet affair, safeguarding your phone number from prying eyes.
  • Your choice of channels to follow is held in the strictest confidence.
  • Channel history enjoys a brief stay of just 30 days, after which it’s automatically purged from WhatsApp servers.

Engagement and Sharing

Interacting with channel updates is intuitive and user-friendly:

  • Express your sentiments by reacting to updates using emojis; the cumulative reaction tally is displayed.
  • Share updates effortlessly with personal chats or groups, by sending a link to the channel.
  • The ability to unsubscribe from a channel or mute it is a breeze if your interest wanes.

Create Channels

Admins can set up channels using their existing WhatsApp accounts or create new ones. These administrators retain the privilege to edit their updates for a month, beyond which WhatsApp will automatically erase them from their servers.

How To Use WhatsApp Channels

Here’s how to make the most of WhatsApp Channels:

  • Ensure you have WhatsApp updated to the latest version.
  • Launch WhatsApp and go to the “Updates” tab at the screen’s bottom to unearth the treasure trove of channels.
  • To start following a channel, either tap the ‘+’ icon beside its name or click on the channel name. Then go to the channel and follow
  • If you wish to convey your reaction to a channel update, simply press and hold on to the message.

WhatsApp Channels bring forth an exciting era of interaction with celebrities and organizations. It’s a platform where your privacy is valued, and your preferences are honored. With this user-friendly feature, staying connected has never been easier. So, embrace the future and embark on your journey with WhatsApp Channels today!


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