YouTube Music Adds Five New Mood Filters


In 2020, YouTube Music made waves by introducing mood filters. These included popular choices like Workout, Focus, Relax, Commute, Energize, and Podcasts. Now, in a fresh update, they’ve gone a step further. Five additional moods have made their way into the platform: Cry (complemented by a special Sad Songs Supermix), Romance, Party, Feel Good, and Sleep.

youtube music new mood filters

Moreover, these filters aren’t just for show. They play a pivotal role in shaping user playlists. When you dive into the platform, you’ll find playlists under categories such as:

  • Mixed for you
  • From your library
  • Listen again
  • Similar to …and more!

Interestingly, it wasn’t YouTube that made the official announcement first. Instead, eagle-eyed Reddit users were the first to spot these new filters. They provided a detailed breakdown, covering both the web interface and mobile app nuances. Currently, as observed in a server-side rollout, Android app users can see four of the five new filters. The Sleep filter, for now, remains elusive.

While these new filters are designed to set the right mood for a myriad of events, some raise eyebrows. For instance, the Cry filter may not be the go-to choice for social gatherings. But who knows? There’s a time and place for everything!

Usability of Filters on Different Platforms

When talking about the desktop version, YouTube Music has made commendable use of screen real estate. Everything looks neat, compact, and easy to navigate. On the flip side, mobile app users might face a slight hiccup. Due to the constraints of screen size, they might find themselves scrolling vertically more often. Additionally, in a surprising move, these mood filters have found a place in the main YouTube app as well. Here, they guide users to specific topics in line with their viewing habits.

Recent Features and Upcoming Plans for YouTube Music

There’s no slowing down for YouTube Music. Apart from the mood filters, they’ve launched an exciting feature that lets users discover content via Samples. But that’s not all. Google has also announced its intention to make life easier for podcasters. By the end of this year, podcasters will be able to upload episodes to YouTube Music directly using an RSS feed. This move aims to streamline the process of episode addition.

However, amidst these new features, there’s one that might seem familiar. YouTube Music now has live lyrics! While this is a fun addition, it’s worth noting that platforms like Spotify have been serenading users with live lyrics for a while now.

In summary, YouTube Music is constantly evolving, ensuring it remains a top choice for music lovers globally. Whether you’re in the mood for a party or need some sleep-inducing tunes, they’ve got you covered!

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